Why you need to avoid the Exclusivity Trap

Who benefits when your listing is “exclusive”?

It’s become popular to engage in an ‘exclusive’ listing when it comes time to sell your home. Exclusive may sound special, but consider this: by participating in this type of arrangement, you are trapped in a restricted pool of potential buyers.

Does an exclusive listing serve your best interests?

Exclusive listings do not appear on the MLS system. Instead of allowing your home to be seen by all the potential buyers who might find your home a perfect match, you’re limited to only the ones your agent chooses to reach out to.

My philosophy is that finding the right buyer requires a strategy that is:

  • Efficient
  • Timely
  • Will expose your property to the widest target audience

There are many other ways my team will ensure you feel special when working with us. Exclusivity in listings is not the answer.

It’s never too early for a conversation. Let’s talk!

Fatima Bregman
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